Biometrics goes portable with new Cross Match device

Cross Match SEEK Avenger with ePassprt and MRZ accessories

Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a global provider of biometric identity management solutions, has released a new product, SEEK Avenger mobile handheld. The product was announced at the Security Document World exhibition. Designed to provide immigration, customs, border control, and law enforcement and security personnel a truly rugged, portable identity management solution, the device incorporates Cross Match’s MOBS software, state-of-the-art biometric sensor technology, and secure credential reader and communication options.

The product is notable not only for its portability, but also because it can capture both iris and fingerprint scans in direct sunlight. A built-in contact card reader and optional MRZ and ePassort readers provide users the ability to authenticate credentials in the field as well.

A 5MP camera provides 1D/2D barcode reading, captures evidentiary photos and video, and takes facial images utilizing auto-facial recognition. The optional communications cap incorporates seamlessly into the device, providing LTE/3G or other network certified cellular modems for additional connectivity beyond the standard Bluetooth and WiFi.

Cross Match technologies are already in use by state and local law enforcement and homeland security officials. As CivSource recently reported, the use of biometrics is extending beyond law enforcement and into other government arenas such as homeless services.

At the event, Cross Match also previewed its new Authenticator fixed-station credential reader. The unit provides a more secure, flexible, and intuitive solution for credential scanning and reading. The Authenticator is scheduled to launch this October.