Vermont chooses MAXIMUS for exchange support service


Starting October 2013, states and the federal government will need to kick-off open enrollment and begin the process of onboarding the estimated 47.5 million uninsured Americans into health coverage through online insurance marketplaces—as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Yet, 78 percent of the uninsured— who will soon be making life-altering health care choices—are currently unaware of the changes taking shape. Major government contractors like MAXIMUS are offering a new service as customer support for the health insurance exchanges and health care system.

This support role is included in federal health care reform and are meant to serve as customer support for citizens trying to make decisions based on the information presented on health insurance exchanges. Other pilot programs are also in process that will bring navigator services to at risk populations helping them physically get to appointments and follow up care.

Vermont is bringing in MAXIMUS to fill its health insurance exchange support role. Vermont’s exchange will serve approximately 260,000 consumers when it opens later this year. The one-year amendment is valued at an estimated $12.5 million, starts on May 1, 2013, and runs through June 30, 2014. Thereafter, the contract has an additional one-year option period that the state may exercise.

MAXIMUS already provides this service in New York and Connecticut. MAXIMUS will also provide level-one eligibility and enrollment support for the state’s Medicaid and CHIP programs and assist consumers with determining their eligibility for subsidized premium assistance under the Affordable Care Act.