StampedeCon enters second year


St. Louis is not typically a top of mind location for technology conferences. However, StampedeCon which is entering its second year in St. Louis is becoming one of the notable big data conferences of the year. Event organizers have just announced their speakers lineup for this year.

Speakers from Ford Motor Company, Walmart, Deloitte and Riot Games will all provide use-cases for how Big Data can be leveraged throughout the enterprise. Following the keynotes, event organizers say they plan to have some workshop style training opportunities available for attendees.

“We think the event will have helpful information for anyone who is trying to learn more about Big Data, even though some of the examples are coming from the private sector, we think public sector attendees will also benefit as government is the largest big data user group,” says Gary Stiehr, StampedeCon organizer, to CivSource.

“Big Data is growing exponentially. Understanding how to control the amount of data available and create a strategy to leverage it is vital.”

One presentation of note, “From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities: An Industry in the Midst of Big Data,” will feature Paul Doherty, President and CEO of the digit group, inc. and will examine urban big data and intelligence. Specfically, how cities can use their data to improve urban life and support sustainability.