Buck Consultants launches private national health insurance exchange

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Buck Consultants, A Xerox Company, plans to launch RightOpt, a private health exchange for employers with 3,000 or more benefit-eligible employees. The exchange will be available for fall 2013 enrollment. The move follows other private insurance exchanges like the one announced by WellPoint. CivSource first reported on the WellPoint exchange when it was announced two years ago, it went fully operational this year.

RightOpt would differ from other private exchange options by allowing participating employers to use a national network of providers offered to employees based on the value each provider delivers in a specific metropolitan area. Employees located across the country would access the more deeply-discounted networks of providers; a model many employers have avoided historically due to the administrative complexities. The solution is planned to be available on both a self-funded and a fully insured model.

A single access point portal would support the personalization of benefits in three key areas – choose, use and improve. Members would be allowed to “choose” their personally preferred plan options at enrollment, “use” those options effectively throughout the year and “improve” or maintain their health risks over time.

Buck also offers a retiree exchange platform, My Medicare Advocate. It helps retirees evaluate and select from a range of Medicare coverage or plan choices, and provides customized information and personal assistance. Xerox administers Medicaid programs in 36 states and the District of Columbia and is involved in developing systems for public healthcare exchanges to be implemented by certain states.