CSI Aviation donates surveillance aircraft to New Mexico state police

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CEO Allen Weh, of Albuquerque-based, CSI Aviation, has donated an extra surveillance aircraft valued at $250,000 to the New Mexico state police, following a competitive RFP-based application process. CSI specializes in designing and implementing complex air transportation programs that include everything from emergency evacuation and movement of people to retrofitting aircraft to accommodate special security or delicate cargo transport needs. The company explained that it had an extra, Seeker surveillance plane on hand and thought to donate it.

The Seeker is a mission specific, rugged utility aircraft used for commercial and security operations. This airplane is valued at approximately $250,000 and is being donated to the State Police at no cost. According to the Seeker company website, the plane can be used for operations such as environmental inspection, border security and law enforcement. The aircraft has been used by military and government users worldwide.

The aircraft was one of two that the company purchased in 2006 and 2009. Both aircraft were acquired as demonstration aircraft for the aerial surveillance market in North America but the company subsequently found that one aircraft was adequate for its purposes.

The Seeker was offered via a competitive proposal process to several New Mexico law enforcement agencies that were believed to have an interest in obtaining the aircraft, and which also operate an aviation program. The RFP was announced November 2012 and the aircraft was officially awarded to New Mexico State Police on January 22, 2013.

“We are proud that New Mexico’s State Police Department is a forward-looking organization that is not only committed to public safety, but innovative in providing its law enforcement services,” Weh said. “I can assure you that the Seeker will provide our State Police with an exponential increase in surveillance capabilities, and I am confident it will now be able to expand these missions.” Mr. Weh is also chairman and acting CEO of Seeker Aircraft America, the company that makes this plane.