Accenture releases updated human services suite

Accenture has released updated versions of three software products in the company’s Human Services suite. The suite is designed to help states modernize their human services IT systems and is already in use in several states. Version 4.0 helps government agencies implement an integrated eligibility system that provides pre-built rules and processes to improve the ability of case workers to deliver high-quality citizen services across different eligibility programs. The suite also includes a portal that provides citizens access to their cases and case worker.

The suite itself breaks out into three main parts:

  • Accenture Public Service Platform, a service-based technology platform that enables enterprise-wide integration and legacy renewal, has been upgraded in version 4.0 with enhanced security, configuration and administration options.
  • Accenture Citizen Self-Service Portal, an online portal that allows agencies to address policy changes, a message center to improve case worker and citizen interactions, and enhanced address validation capabilities that reduce error rates. The Self-Service Portal is used by citizens to apply online for benefits, upload verification information, track the status of their applications, manage their benefits online and communicate with their case worker.
  • Accenture Benefits Management System, which provides automated review and approval of e-applications and case changes, and self-service review of existing benefits to improve citizens’ visibility into benefits. It also includes new federal interfaces to support regulatory compliance and efficient exchange of data between federal and state governments. The Benefits Management System covers a range of health, public assistance, and social welfare programs across the enterprise, and helps agencies streamline case management, increase worker efficiency, and better serve citizens while reducing costs and error rates.