San Diego consolidates telecom network

The city of San Diego is consolidating its voice and data network through a $57 million contract awarded to Xerox today. The contract will run for five years and is expected to save the city approximately $11.1 million over that period. Xerox will be consolidating the city’s existing voice and data networks into a single, high-speed system with some upgrades.

“Our priority is to address the city’s aging network model,” said Jeff Leveroni, CIO, city of San Diego, said of the contract. The city has been working through various systems upgrades over the past several years to improve its overall infrastructure.

The city also recently announced a new alert service from its Office of Emergency Services (OES). Accessible AlertSanDiego will send emergency alert notifications to phones, smartphones, tablets and Braille readers during a crisis event. Notifications will be sent as text, video and voice in order to reach the largest audience and will be available in multiple languages, including sign language through the video option.

The telecom network upgrade will impact the city’s information technology infrastructure as well, improving capacity and upgrading backbone technology.“The network is a backbone that will allow for growth and savings in the city’s information technology environment for years to come,” said Mark Talbot, group president, Americas – Local Government, Xerox.