Xerox to upgrade New Mexico’s Medicaid system

New Mexico’s Human Services Department is renewing its partnership with Xerox through a 58-month, $105 million contract to manage and enhance the state’s delivery of quality health care to Medicaid recipients. Xerox has administered Medicaid services for New Mexico since 1994. Last year, Xerox processed 23 million claims and handled $3.5 billion in Medicaid payments.

Under the terms of the new contract Xerox will continue to manage but also upgrade the system, known as the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). Currently, recipients have no self-service access to program information and functionality through the system’s portal. Under the new system, Medicaid recipients will now be able to view their own eligibility data, request replacement ID cards, and even search for providers up to 100 miles away from a specific ZIP code or address.

“Our continued partnership with the state means beneficiaries will have innovative health care tools at a time when government agencies are focused on making the most of their budget dollars,” said Will Saunders, group president, Xerox Government Healthcare Solutions. “We implement service offerings that allow states to provide the highest level of service to their citizens without cutting programs.”