Nevada Governor announces first trade mission

During opening remarks at the SALT Conference this morning, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval announced his first international trade mission to China set to take place later this year. He also highlighted his plan to make Nevada the most business friendly state in the US. In addition, the state just struck a deal with internet retailer Amazon to collect interstate sales tax.

Governor Sandoval opened the SALT Conference this morning, a global conference of financial, business and political leaders getting under way this week in Las Vegas, Nevada with an overview of the economic activity in his state and what his administration will be working for in the near term. He spoke to improvements in the local economy,including improvements in the housing crisis that has been a persistent drag on the local economy since 2008.

He also announced an aggressive agenda to make the state the most business friendly state in the economy. The state is in the process of eliminating hundreds of regulations and refocusing revenue generation through sales tax and the collection of interstate sales taxes. The Governor has been outspoken in his support for interstate sales tax agreements, like the agreement his state just struck with Amazon to get the taxes on goods purchased by Nevada residents on the website.

These agreements are key for the state which has a limited tax structure that is likely to remain in place. “I am proud to say that Nevada has no corporate or personal income tax,” Sandoval said resulting in loud applause from the audience.

The Governor also announced he will be making the first international trade mission of his tenure later this year. He will be going to China and other areas in Asia in order to “increase Nevada’s global footprint.”