Victoria, BC launches new open data project using justice data

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is launching a new open data project focused on its justice system. The provincial government has created an online portal called Justice BC, which provides several new data sets about criminal proceedings and justice reform.

Government officials hope to spark broader citizen engagement and raise awareness about the current challenges justice officials face in order to find solutions to them.

The new dashboad, will provide users with five interactive tools designed to help them break down crime data and statistics. Users can also get information on jury duty requirements, how to find qualified legal council and conduct criminal record checks.

Officials have also posted a paper on the provincial challenges and goals for modernizing the local justice system to improve services.

“By making these data sets publicly available through a user-friendly, dashboard format, we continue to promote transparency and help create a broader understanding of the challenges,” B.C. Attorney General Shirley Bond said in a statement.