Optimum launches Government Services Suite

Optimum Lightpath has announced a new Government Services Suite. The company provides telecom services in the New York area and has released the suite for local government offices as a means of decreasing telecommunications costs and increasing collaboration between offices and departments.

Features in the suite will allow government offices to implement telework programs, support mobility services and share information more efficiently. Local governments throughout the New York metro area are using Optimum Lightpath’s services including Wayne Township and Jefferson Township in New Jersey, and Westchester County in New York.

“Police departments and municipalities are becoming extremely tech reliant, so when something goes down, there’s a panic,” said Eric Wilsusen, Police Captain and Director of Communications for Jefferson Township. Optimum will provide services as well as service support for customers using the suite.

The suite provides both voice and data services as part of their flat-rate offering and is expected to help cut telecom budgets by tens of thousands annually.