Accela launches mobile inspection app for government

Last week, government technology provider Accela launched a new application for inspectors of all stripes. Accela Mobile Inspector is an app available on the iOS platform for permitting, licensing, and code-enforcement professionals. The application follows several other releases on the company’s automation platform designed to provide support for repeat processes in government work.

CivSource spoke with Arul Isai Imran, product manager for the app about what services it provides for workers in the field. He explains that by using the app on any iOS enabled device, workers in the field will be able to upload inspection and investigation reports, use online maps and annotate field images.

“Previously, when you had workers out in the field, a laptop could be too cumbersome or smart phone access too difficult without an appropriate interface. We’ve created this to get around those issues and provide more flexibility,” Imran said.

The feature set is designed to automate repetitive tasks. Workers that repeat the same kinds of comments on reports can save these into the application and create a list to choose from rather than adding comments manually each time. The application also supports mapping, allowing workers to locate specific addresses. All data created and submitted in the field can then be uploaded instantly to the system in the main office or department.

So far, the company has had over 100 downloads of the application preview in the iTunes App Store. Anyone can download the app to try out the features. Imran explains that this preview version allows users to get comfortable with the application and also provide feedback on needed features. If an agency or offices wishes to link the app to their main system, they can work with the company to onboard.

The company will also be making tools available for developers who wish to build onto the app or develop their own and plans to hold a developers conference in March. Versions are also being created for Android and Windows smart phones and tablet devices.

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