Maryland pushes online tools to increase transparency

Maryland is trying to give local business owners more incentive to grow the economy with a series of measures. They’ve launched an online database of all financial incentives available for job creation, and economic development. The database will support a variety of other online tools for business owners, designed to help them while also increasing the transparency of the state’s business development offices.

Maryland’s business development office has come under criticism recently for its lack of transparency. In response to that, they have released Maryland Finance Tracker which will let business owners see what financial incentives are available to them when they add new jobs or open new facilities.

There is also an interactive map – MDbizMap which shows visitors market data for their area of the state including employers, schools, local tax credits, and other incentives. Additional resources are expected to come online over the next several months.

The tools follow the release of the state’s first sustainable growth plan and several other interactive online tools designed to help residents and increase transparency. Governor O’Malley has made these types of initiatives central to his administration in effort to upgrade state government’s overall service delivery.

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