Michigan Governor turns focus to infrastructure

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is turning his focus to infrastructure for 2012. In an early morning address to local business leaders, the Governor underlined the need to keep his state’s infrastructure in good working condition as a cost saving measure. He also repeated his plan for a New International Trade Crossing bridge connecting Michigan and Canada.

Governor Synder is calling for spending now before infrastructure conditions deteriorate further. In 2011, several transportation officials and the Brookings Institution held a one day summit to outline several of these same issues. Shortly after that event, Snyder indicated that he would be working to ensure that rail projects throughout the state keep moving forward.

Around the same time, the Governor proposed a New International Trade Crossing bridge between Detroit and Windsor which was blocked in the state Senate. He used this morning’s speech to reiterate the need for a second span and asked for help from local business leaders to build support for the project.

Tonight, Synder will hold an online town hall meeting to give Michigan residents a change to weigh in on the bridge, his infrastructure plan and other issues outlined his recent State of the State address.

They can post questions to Snyder’s Facebook page, on www.michigan.gov/townhall or on Twitter @onetoughnerd using the hashtag #AskGovSnyder.