Vermont managed care launches new partnership

Vermont is moving forward on its managed care plan to deliver health care services to state residents. MVP Health Care and Vermont Managed Care have entered into an innovative partnership to provide Vermont residents with “Vermont First,” a managed care approach through a network of Vermont focused health care providers.

Under the partnership, Vermont Managed Care (VMC) and its network of health care providers. The partnership is expected to increase control and data sharing between the partners. MVP Health Care is one of the largest regional insurers. The partnership will support an earlier move by the state instituting single payer health care.

The partnership will develop four distinct plans that include an HMO-style plan, two high deductible options and a hybrid choice. The partners hope that this will increase access to affordable care options in the state.

“The most important attributes of Vermont First are simply that members will get access to care supported by a network of providers willing to be more accountable and coordinated in service to plan members throughout the state at a competitive price. It’s really the best of all worlds,” Todd Moore, president, Vermont Managed Care.

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