West Kentucky and Tennessee move forward on largest wireline expansion

West Kentucky and Tennessee are moving forward on state broadband projects. The West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunications Cooperative (WK&T) is deploying FieldSmart, a platform for fiber management offered by Clearfield, Inc. Clearfield was chosen as part of a broader broadband expansion project funded through federal stimulus dollars to improve rural broadband access in both states.

WK&T was awarded $123.8 million through the Broadband Initiatives Program of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. WK&T is the largest stimulus-funded project in the country focused on wireline services. The project is focused on fiber expansion throughout the two-state cooperative area.

WK&T plans to offer advanced telecommunications services over fiber to 21,000 homes and businesses across the company’s 9-county service area in west Kentucky and northwest Tennessee. Construction has begun on three of the 22 exchanges within the serving area with completion scheduled within the next three years.

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