South Dakota launches new website focused on transparency

South Dakota Govenror Dennis Daugaard is trying to improve state government service delivery and transparency through updates to the state website. The updates are part of the Govenror’s broader Better Government Intiative which hopes to give state residents a better government experience.

The website update includes several changes including easier search features, to help residents get to existing information more easily, and less clutter on the home page. The Governor also incorporated updated design elements to make the page easier to understand visually.

The website also features access to government records and contract information through Open SD. A variety of state services are also available online including applying for hunting or fishing licenses, making child support payments or renewing vehicle registrations. The state hopes to bring more services online in the coming months.

“This new homepage engages users and is a more convenient portal to state government information and services,” the Governor said. “We serve the people and put their needs first. I want our citizens to be online, not waiting in line when they interact with state government.”

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