gets a facelift

The Recovery Board has given the home page of a facelift. In announcement today, the Recovery Board said it hopes the changes will make it even easier for citizens to view information on projects and awards as well as report waste, fraud and abuse. The home page changes quietly went into effect on Monday.

Among the changes and additions to the home page, users will find an enlarged state-by-state map of projects and awards. Visitors can then click on an individual state or territory to view a summary of all Recovery Act related projects and awards happening in that state. The summary information will also include charts displaying the number of jobs created and top award recipients.

Along with the state project map, a new map gallery also highlights the variety of interactive maps available to allow users to work with data from Recovery Act projects. Visitors will also be able to read an overview of the Act itself, and see high level overview of the funding and how it’s being allocated.

The Recovery Act website is a key component of the Obama Administration’s work on increased government transparency. The website aims to provide citizens with data on government spending that was previously unavailable or hard to find so that individuals can understand the real impact of bills like the Recovery act. The site also has a feedback feature which Recovery Board Chairman, Earl Devaney, said was the catalyst for the design changes.

“The information on must be relevant to users,’’ Devaney explained. “We are constantly striving to improve our website so that visitors can easily find the information that is most germane to them. We think this redesign accomplishes that goal.’’

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