OK City puts performance data online, Virginia asks residents to ID deadzones

Oklahoma City is putting its performance data online. Residents will now be able to see how quickly the city is responding to a variety of problems from graffiti removal to pothole repairs. The initiative is part of a larger website from the city Finance Department which provides spending data. The new page will show how well the city is meeting self-defined performance goals on response time, reliability and completion.

In 2005, the city started to put departmental performance and spending data online to more easily identify links between performance and process. Rather than keep the study internal, the city put the data on a public website so that citizens could also review the data.

Right now, most of the website is updated on a yearly basis. However future plans include more frequent updates along with adding new categories for information.

Virginia is also reaching out to citizens and asking them to contribute broadband data to the state broadband map. Residents with broadband can visit the Accelerate Virginia website and take a speed test to see how their broadband access measures up. This data will also be included on the state’s broadband map to help officials and providers determine gaps in service.

Users without broadband access are also being asked to submit deadzone data online.

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