Vermont takes strategic energy plan online, asks for advice

Vermont is taking its strategic energy plan online and seeking advice from citizens on how best to move forward. The Governor has launched a new website that will provide current information on the state’s energy plan as well as the result of several public hearings on the plan that are slated to take place throughout the rest of this month. The full plan is due from the Department of Public Service, in collaboration with other State agencies by October 15, 2011.

Through the website, the public will be able to follow developments and share their ideas through an online comment form. The state first created and adopted a comprehensive energy plan in 1998 and has not updated it since then. So far, the state has been drawing on advice from public forums and private sector stakeholders for ways to update the plan to reflect current energy and economic realities.

The Plan has three primary purposes: to provide a picture of the energy landscape in Vermont including current and future challenges, identifying solutions to these challenges and provide plans for the future.

“The active participation of Vermonters is essential in determining our energy needs and preferences moving forward,” Governor Shumlin said. “Using this one-stop format to receive information from the public and keep Vermonters involved will help us identify and implement solutions to meeting our energy needs.”

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