New York City releases digital roadmap

New York City has released its plan to become a digital hub. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was joined by Rachel Stern the city’s new Chief Digital Officer in announcing the plan which is also detailed in this report. The plan includes wireless Internet access in city parks, more open data and live chats with 311 agents.

The city has also created partnerships with social media companies including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare in order to leverage these tools to help New Yorkers interact with city offices more effectively. “We want New York City to be the nation’s premier digital city,” the Mayor said of the plan.

Parts of the plan, such as wireless access in public spaces were a result of citizen feedback. However, the Mayor warned that the city does not intend to foot the bill to make wifi available to the public. Instead, he will be encouraging private companies to step in.

The city will also be working on revamping its government websites and adding a .nyc suffix. New York City government websites provide information to millions of users each year.