BasicGov launches GIS solution for state and local governments

BasicGov Systems, Inc. has launched BasicGov GIS Connector. The software will provide state and local governments with GIS mapping tools for land and citizen management functions such as land use, zoning, parcels, permits, inspections, plans, or code violations. The software works with Esri’s GIS system and organizes GIS information as layers on existing maps.

Users can organize layers for land use and community development information, such as parcels and permits. This information can then be utilized across government agencies and organizations to assist and use analysis, solutions and decisions. The software can be accessed on site or remotely.

Michael Togyi, Vice President, BasicGov said of the software, “Recognizing that complex information is easier to analyze visually, we added the BasicGov ESRI GIS Connector to our suite of software products. Customer feedback on the GIS Connector has been very positive.”