Delaware reforms teacher hiring process

Delaware is reforming how new teachers will get hired under a new law the Governor signed yesterday. The new bill changes an existing rule on how offers are made to teachers. Previously, districts were not guaranteed their full share of state funding for teacher salaries until the official September 30th student count was issued by the state. That the state made most of its job offers in the late summer and early fall, after other states and other districts had made offers. The Governor hopes the changes will be able to bring in top teaching talent sooner.

The bill was the result of the Teacher Hiring Task Force created in 2010. The measure establishes an ‘estimated unit count’ for the state’s school districts in April of each school year. School districts will then be guaranteed to receive funds for paying teachers in the following school year that are equal to 98% of the funds justified by the estimated unit count.

“This gives our districts more flexibility and makes it easier for them to secure great teachers earlier,” said Secretary of Education Lillian M. Lowery, who joined Markell for the signing.