North Carolina to give first responders aerial images

North Carolina has launched a statewide aerial photography project designed to give first responders a clear picture of the landscape of the state. The project will be funded through a $12.3 million grant and will provide images to 100 counties statewide. Those images will be captured in such a way to present an accurate street view of the state and will be available online.

The state’s 911 board is funding the project, which represents the largest such project of its type for North Carolina. Project coordinators hope that by providing this data through a uniform statewide initiative, they will be able to avoid redundancy and save money.

Once the project is complete, first responders and workers in 911 call centers will be able to pull up a high resolution visual of where emergency situations are occurring and plan their response accordingly.

For more information on the project or to view existing map data and images visit NC One Map.