Arizona launches school choice website

Arizona launched a new website focused on school choice in the state. is designed to show all of the school choice options available to parents in their area. The website is a key part of the Governor’s, “Four Cornerstones of Reform Plan,” which she claims will empower parents when they make education choices for their children.

Arizona has offered school choice since 1994 when they opened enrollment and started creating more charter schools. The state also offers several scholarships to private schools through individual and corporate tax credits. Last year the state also passed legislation allowing an unlimited number of online education provide to apply for approval to offer education in the state.

The website provides links to many local and national organizations as well as relevant state agencies and boards. Schools will also be working with the Governor to put out information about what they offer students in terms of cirriculum and specialization options.

“Every child deserves to have an education tailored to meet their needs and parents deserve the right to make that choice,” said Governor Brewer.

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