Monterey Co., Calif. to modernize public safety communications

The County of Monterey, California has signed a $15 million contract with Harris Corp. to design and deploy a new public safety radio system that will improve coverage, reliability and communication interoperability between local, county, state and federal first responders, the company said Wednesday.

Lynn Diebold, director of Emergency Communications for the County, said that as population grew to nearly half a million residents, “it became clear that the communications requirements of our public safety first responders have outstripped the capabilities of our existing legacy radio system.”

The Harris P25IP VHG system will provide first responders with coverage across the 3,300 square mile-county a trunked VHF network with a conventional analog system overlay. Additionally, Harris will deploy a trunked 700 MHz sub-system to meet the County’s specified requirements within both the City of Salinas and the Monterey Peninsula Area.

“Monterey is a large and vibrant county with complex communications needs,” said Steve Marschilok, president of Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications, in a statement. “The Harris VIDA solution brings Monterey much needed communications interoperability through the integration of both trunked and conventional analog capabilities on a single powerful network.”