North Carolina sees $2M in savings from Medicaid information system upgrade

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has saved over $2 million during the initial cycle its Supplemental Drug Rebate Program. Along with the Medicaid Retrospective Drug Utilization Review, North Carolina expects to save more than $90 million annually using a system managed by Falls Church-based CSC.

The company recently announced initial and expected savings under a contract awarded by North Carolina in 2008 to replace the state’s current Medicaid Management Information System.

Under the terms of the deal, CSC has streamlined the Supplemental Drug Rebate and Medicaid Retrospective Utilization Review (RetroDUR) programs, allowing DHHS to lower costs of medications and share prescription information more easily.

RetroDUR is designed to help staff evaluate Medicaid patient prescriptions, preventing adverse drug interactions, therapeutic duplication, and abuse of controlled substances.

Dr. Craigan Gray, Director of the Division of Medical Assistance for DHHS in North Carolina said the CSC computer system will increase Medicaid customer satisfaction and improve healthcare quality.

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