IBM launches cloud solution for shared services across municipalities

IBM has launched a new cloud services solution for local governments. The IBM Municipal Shared Services Cloud is designed to let local governments share information internally and with governments in other cities or other states. The cloud will use the company’s analytics solutions to integrate services from multiple providers into a single shared platform.

The company hopes that the cloud will improve municipal operations, increase online service delivery and transparency while also providing integrated data analysis. IBM worked with the New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM) and the Michigan Municipal League (MML) to pilot the Municipal Shared Services Cloud and help each organization streamline its services.

IBM will allow independent software vendors to access the cloud to provide services to local governments. Municipal officials will then be able to select the software that they need to offer services ranging from citizen portals and tax processing to internal workflow enhancements. Applications will work independently, but when delivered together, they will be automatically integrated by the platform. Multiple applications will link seamlessly supporting data sharing and event handling. The IBM Municipal Shared Services Cloud will be available through IBM Global Technology Services.

“On the national level, there has been a lot of discussion about consolidating local governments. This technology will enable governments to share services as if consolidated, to foster efficiencies and more effective services,” said Robert W. Elliott, former Mayor of Croton-on-Hudson, New York and former Deputy Secretary of state of New York.

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