Montana looks to attract new start-ups with business campaign

A campaign to position Montana as a regional hub for start-up businesses was launched last week, with target industries ranging from clean technology and bioscience to aerospace and IT. The state’s fiscal standing and limited taxation climate is ideal for young professionals and entrepreneurs, said Even Barrett, Chief Business Development Officer.

In launching the “Innovate Montana” campaign, state officials hope to lure out-of-state entrepreneurs and business from neighboring states like Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Minnesota.

The web portal provides information and resources to individuals who are looking to relocate and bring their business with them. For instance, information on public and private venture capital funds, angel investments, taxes and lifestyles join a business report card authored by groups like Forbes and the Chamber of Commerce.

“Montana has a great story to tell — we are just one of a few states with money in the bank and have maintained one of the strongest state economies during this terrible national downturn,” Barrett said in a statement.

In addition to seeking out-of-state entrepreneurs, Montana is targeting business travelers who have a pre-existing relationship with the state by placing a series of television ads in-state.

“People travel to Montana everyday to conduct business, yet when they pick up a paper or watch the weather channel they might not be thinking about relocating to the state,” Barrett said. “Now we are speaking directly to business travelers about the opportunities available here like our business tax climate, our good schools and universities and, of course our number one resource, our people.”

Other industries Montana is touting include advanced manufacturing, energy development and the site also highlight’s the state’s research universities.

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