NASCIO survey shows where state CIOs priorities are

Consolidation, virtualization, budget and health are the top issues facing state CIOs right now according to the results of an annual survey of state CIOs from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). This year’s survey also marked a significant change in priorities as state CIOs respond to the new health IT requirements included in the new federal health care reform law passed earlier this year.

According to NASCIO, as state government continues to deal with the economic realities of the current fiscal crisis, state CIOs are working to find ways to reduce costs while maintaining and even increasing the delivery of necessary services to citizens. As CivSource noted this week, over half of all states in the US have started consolidating their IT infrastructure as a means of cutting costs. This round of priorities reflect that activity and their work to examine all possible options, as concerned CIOs continue to keep services running even while state revenues are diminishing.

For 2011, the top technology ten priorities break out as follows –

1. Virtualization
2. Cloud computing
3. Networking
4. Legacy application modernization / renovation
5. Identity and access management
6. Document/Content/Records/E-mail management
7. Security enhancement tools
8. Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics applications
9. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
10. Social media and networking

The prioritized list and more information on the full report is available for download on NASCIO’s website at

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