Verizon bulks up medical data exchange

Verizon has expanded its Medical Data Exchange to include more types of digital patient health data like x-rays and lab results, the company announced last week. The additional digital records will help health providers of all types achieve the benchmarks of ‘meaningful use’ needed to receive a portion of the $27 billion in Recovery Act funds. Originally launched in March 2010, the Verizon Medical Data Exchange was meant to facilitate transcriptionist-to-physician and physician-to-physician sharing of dictated notes. Now, additional digital records such as X-rays and lab results can be shared among private parties. Verizon Business vice president, Peter Tippett, called the expansion an important step in digitalizing the US health care system.

“The expanded capabilities of our data exchange will help accelerate the shift from paper-based to electronic-based medical records, and in the process help speed patient diagnoses and drive productivity and cost efficiency throughout the U.S. health care system,” Mr. Tippett, said. The announcement was joined by news that the Verizon and ICSA Labs consortium had added a number of new members including:

  • Alert Notification, a personalized emergency notification and health records provider
  • Amaji, a provider of digital clinical documentation services
  • NLP International Corporation, a provider of natural language processing software
  • Tolven Inc., a provider of open-source health informatics software solutions
  • ZyDoc Medical Transcription, a provider of medical knowledge-management solutions.

A number of new IT consulting services will also be available to users of the exchange, the company said.

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