Florida looks to modernize early education information system

The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation has signed a $20 million deal with HP Enterprise Services to build a computer system for the state’s pre-kindergarden and school readiness programs. The new system will enable data sharing between educators, parents, providers and state agencies, the company said, as well as streamline administrative functions of state programs.

Florida’s Early Learning Information System (ELIS) will be utilized by the state’s 300,000 families whose children attend the Voluntary Prekindergarden Education and School Readiness programs. HP will develop, design, implement and maintain ELIS while improving functions like attendance tracking, provider payment processing, case management, and eligibility determination.

“The creation of Florida’s Early Learning Information System will result in significant improvements to the way we are able to manage the state’s early learning programs,” Brittany Birken, director of Florida’s Office of Early Learning, said in a statement. “This system will provide real-time information that will improve the accessibility, affordability and the quality of early learning services for Florida’s children and families.”

HP will also develop online portals for parents and providers to access child development resources, early education information and referral information. ELIS will identify fraud and overpayments and serve as a single point of entry for eligibility data.