New Mexico DoIT cuts costs, passes savings on to state agencies

New Mexico’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) will be giving state agencies a 7% discount on services for fiscal year 2011 as a result of renegotiating contracts with its vendors and lowering operating costs. The savings will add up to $3.5 million and be spread across state agencies that use DoIT.

“We are always looking at ways to provide an excellent level of service to our customers at competitive costs, and we will continue to evaluate every opportunity to save agencies and thereby taxpayers as much money as possible,” said DoIT Cabinet Secretary Marlin Mackey.

FY11 savings vary for each agency. The Human Services Department will realize savings of $1.1 million dollars. The Department of Health will save $330,000, the Taxation and Revenue Department will save $250,000 and Children Youth and Families will save $200,000.

This is the second year New Mexico DoIT has been able to offer state agencies savings on services. Last year, the department was able to streamline its phone services through contract renegotiations and consolidations adding up to $3.4 million in savings.

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