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According to a company release today, IBM has launched a simulation game intended to “help business and civic leaders discover how to make their cities and industries smarter.” CityOne allows players to navigate through more than 100 scenarios in order to maximize the simulated city’s financial, environmental and social interests, IBM said.

IBM officials say a million people around the world are moving into cities every week and that the world’s cities will double in population by 2050. This, they claim, increases the need for leaders, business and citizens to understand the broad challenges facing cities in the future.

Through CityOne, IBM hopes to show players how technology can reduce traffic congestion, save water, increase output from alternative energy and streamline supply chain management. The virtual environment, “will help tomorrow’s leaders learn how to apply advances in technology and better understand how these systems work,” the company said.

The cloud-based gaming environment is already being used by both private sector and public sector groups, including the Environmental Protection Agency, who provided content and resources to CityOne to make it more realistic.

“Creating greater awareness and educating the public about protecting human health and the environment is an EPA priority, and serious games can be useful tools for users to learn about processes and systems reflective of the real world,” Andy Miller, EPA Research and Development, said in a statement.

One of the gaming scenarios include a water crisis management situation where water usage is increasing twice as fast as the population, old infrastructure is causing half of the water supply to be lost and pollution is threatening what water is left. In order for players to complete the mission, they must deliver the highest quality of water, at the lowest cost, in real-time.

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