Michigan leads nation in use of technology for government

Michigan leads the nation in the use of IT according to a new survey from the Center for Digital Government. Michigan was one of only two states to get an “A” from the survey for 2010. The survey is conducted every two years and is the most recognized IT study in all 50 states. Utah also made an “A,” for the year 2010.

Michigan has a history of successfully leveraging technology to improve government service delivery internally and externally – it led the survey in 2004, 2006 and came second in 2008. Governor Granholm has made IT a central focus of her agenda since she took office.

This year, Michigan ranked high for its enterprise IT solutions, energy, transportation, commerce, finance and health and human services. The state has streamlined services, consolidated data centers and mobilized workers in order to better deliver essential services make workers more mobile and found solutions to handle the significant claims workload resulting from a persistently high unemployment rate statewide.

“We’ve used technology to both streamline government and improve the way government services are delivered to Michigan citizens,” Granholm said. “We’ve improved online services for citizens seeking assistance with Medicaid and unemployment benefits, cut IT costs by consolidating essential functions, and engaged citizens with state government through social networks like Twitter and Facebook – and more. Our top grade in this survey of all the states is proof that we have been more successful than any other state when it comes to transforming government through technology.”

You can read the results from all 50 states here.

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