Web 2.0 Expo gets underway in New York

Web 2.0 Expo kicked off in New York this week. The conference covers a range of topics from the latest technologies to best practices in working on the web. One of the main themes of the conference looks at how to effectively leverage and build on top of existing platforms. The expo also has a decidedly local flavor this year with keynote speakers hailing from local start-ups, investment capital funds and cultural organizations.

During last night’s keynotes, New York’s budding technology community was noted. Attendees saw presentations from local CEO’s like Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley. Other New York locals including investor Fred Wilson will speak later in the conference. New York’s tech scene has steadily been gaining traction and based on the attendance at this sold-out conference appears to be thriving.

The future of media was also covered with National Public Radio highlighting its strategy for publishing content across a variety of platforms. CBS News Anchor Katie Couric also sat down for a conversation with O’Reilly Media Founder and CEO Tim O’Reilly to discuss the value of sustaining traditional journalistic values even while the process of journalism changes with technology.

The conference will continue through Thursday with keynotes being posted to YouTube.

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