North Carolina expands eLearning

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue has signed an executive order that will expand the role of the state’s eLearning Commission, making it a key component of the Career and College – Ready, Set, Go! Initiative. The commission is designed to provide recommendations for furthering the state’s eLearning opportunities across public schools, community colleges and universities.

North Carolina recently won funding through the federal Race to the Top program which will provide the commission with the support it needs to implement eLearning initiatives. The commission is composed of 30 appointed members who will each serve 2 years.

“The future is now – and we must prepare our students for the 21st century world that will face them after graduation,” said Perdue.

As part of the Career and College – Ready, Set, Go! initiative, the eLearning Commission will also be examining a unified data system for all students, improved network services, better technology at reduced costs, and the revision of any laws or regulations that may stand in the way of maximizing eLearning’s potential. It will also develop global partnerships to enhance eLearning opportunities and provide advice to the governor as requested.

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