California board adopts new renewable energy standard

California has adopted a new renewable energy standard that will require one third of all electricity sold in California to come from renewable sources by 2020. The standard was officially adopted by the California Air Resources Board and furthers Governor Schwarzenegger’s agenda of making California a worldwide environmental leader.

The Schwarzenegger administration has been focused on expanding clean energy in the state. The Air Resources Board was created through an executive order and is tasked with adopting regulations designed to increase renewable energy use in the state’s energy portfolio by 2020.
The Board’s regulations place the highest priority on renewable resources that will provide the greatest environmental benefits that can be developed quickly and support reliable electricity system operations including resources and facilities located in California and throughout the Western Interconnection.

The Governor has also indicated that he is open to having the state legislature explore putting the standards adopted by the Air Resources Board into statute as part of the state’s long term energy strategy.

“While my Administration will not slow down as we move forward with a more diverse energy portfolio to drive economic growth and provide greater security and stability for ratepayers, I remain open to continuing to work with the legislature on putting this standard in statute. With this long-term energy policy, California will continue to lead the transition to a clean-energy future and away from being so dependent on the volatile prices and harmful emissions of dirty oil and coal,” Governor Schwarzenegger said.

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