Penn. invests $18 million in workforce

Pennsylvania will be giving workers in the state a big boost in funding with the hope of creating more jobs. The state will be leveraging 125 grants totaling $18.8 million in investments for business partnerships and worker training. The funding will come from a mix of state money and private matching funds.

The funds will be split across a range of programs with broad investments including $7.3 million for job training and $2.1 million for industry partnerships. The investments are heavily split allowing for multiple grants per county, with an average investment of around 20,000 per grant.

Industry partnerships allow employers, workers and workers’ representatives to work together on creating a collective competitive edge. So far, over 75,000 workers have been trained through industry partnerships in the state. Over 6,300 businesses participate in industry partnerships statewide. Legislation now pending in the General Assembly would permanently establish the industry partnerships as part of the commonwealth’s workforce development efforts.

“This investment will boost Pennsylvania’s economic growth by developing and retaining a highly skilled, well-trained workforce that helps businesses to compete in the global marketplace,” said Governor Rendell. “Supporting advanced training for working men and women, career-focused education for young people and collaboration among businesses in vital industries will speed and strengthen Pennsylvania’s economic recovery.”

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