Vermont to launch statewide eProcurement system

Last week, Vermont Governor Jim Douglas announced plans to begin a phased implementation of a web-based eProcurement system. The statewide portal will streamline the bid process, Gov. Douglas said, and it is expected to save Vermont at least $3 million annually.

The system, scheduled to launch in early 2011, will be a driver of efficiency and competition, Gov. Douglas said in a recent statement.

“Implementation of an eProcurement system will not only streamline the bid and response process, but also to increase competition among vendors,” Gov. Douglas said. “A larger market means more competition which will ultimately lead to cost savings for taxpayers.”

The state’s Department of Building and General Services and the Department of Information and Innovation, through the Office of Purchasing & Contracting will work with the state’s Web portal company, Vermont Interactive Consortium (VIC), to begin implementing the eProcurement system.

According to administration officials, the new system will enable better reporting and tracking of projects set to bid by the state. It will also allow reverse auctions to save the state money.

“This is one step to make state government more efficient and ensure that taxpayer money is spent as effectively as possible,” Administration Secretary Neale Lunderville concluded.