Colorado seeks info on new child enforcement training system

The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), Division of Child Support Enforcement (CSE) is looking for a way to monitor and track an online training system for county and state CSE staff. The RFI is seeking information on software programs that can automate administrative, registration, tracking and notification tasks associated to CSE training.

According to a data management requirements document, Administrative Process Actions (APA) are required for CSE staff and must renew their certifications every three years. The division is looking for a solution to manage the certification and re-certification process of between 300 and 350 employees, currently being handled manually by one person. The web-based tests currently utilizes Adobe Connect.

System requirements include the need to:

  • Track basic personnel data for the purpose of assigning courses, curriculum and events, and to serve as an electronic record of all training and events.
  • Automatically trigger e-mail notifications to the instructor and/or supervisor of a person who fails to pass a test or complete a re-certification prior to expiration.
  • Compose, save and send customized e-mail message notifications for different courses and events based on group or individual students.
  • The system must also track all of the prior certification renewal dates over multiple renewal cycles.

RFI responses must be submitted no later than August 16. Click here for more information.

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