Connecticut launches pre-existing insurance plans

Connecticut Governor Judi Rell announced yesterday the launch of a statewide insurance plan for individuals with pre-existing conditions. According to the governor, the new plans will be administered through the state’s Department of Social Services.

Connecticut was the first state to seek federal approval for expanded insurance plans, by moving 45,000 single, low-income adults covered by State-Administered General Assistance (SAGA) into Medicaid. State officials predicted the move would save over $50 million over the next year.

The state’s Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan is a comprehensive health benefits package, beginning for $285 per month for those under 30. The plans gradually increase in cost, capping at $893 for those adults 65 and older.

“This new health plan offers comprehensive benefits with limited out-of-pocket costs and is another safety net we can provide for uninsured people who desperately need this coverage,” Governor Rell said in a statement. “The landmark federal health care reforms – vast and complex in some cases – nevertheless provide opportunities to make health care more accessible and affordable to all. I am committed to doing all I can to deliver that care and cost-savings to Connecticut.”

For more information, click here to visit the DSS website.

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