New Open 311 integration toolkit goes international

According to Lagan, a provider of government CRM and ECM solutions, the company launched an integration toolkit for its customers utilizing Open 311 solutions. Governments in the US, Canada, and Great Britain will be able to integrate service requests via social media networks, mobile applications and third-party websites, the company said Monday.

Lagan has been working with the City of San Francisco – a pioneer in the Open 311 space – to integrate service requests via Twitter making it easier for city residents to communicate with and report problems to government officials. Successfully integrated in 2009, the company has continued to work with the city to include other platforms such as Facebook and mobile devices.

“Having our CRM vendor, Lagan, support the Open 311 initiative and build it into their product, makes it possible for native integration into Open 311, strengthening the Open Gov movement and bringing another level of support and technical capability from the IT community into the Open 311 discussion,” said Chris Vein, CIO of San Francisco, in a statement accompanying the announcement.

Service requests received through any number of various communications channels can be integrated into the work order processing system and managed and tracked through to completion, the company indicated.

Lagan has over 200 government customers in the US, Canada and UK who will be able to increase their touch points to their citizens through the new integration toolkit, company CEO Des Speed added. “The implications and applications of this global launch are immense,” said Des Speed, CEO of Lagan. “This toolkit will transform citizens’ relationships with government globally. It has the potential to weave public services in more aspects of our lives, creating imaginative adjacencies and numerous opportunities for mobile ubiquitous citizen access to local government services without adding cost to service delivery.”

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