Midwest Governors announce regional investment summit

The Midwest Governors Association (MGA) has announced that it will hold an investment summit in Coloumbus, Ohio, that will focus on how to increase investment in the Midwest. Creating investment through a new energy economy will the central focus for the event. The summit is set to take place September 21-22, 2010.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland leads the MGA and said in his announcement that the Governors’ will be looking at ways to attract investment capital, new businesses and make the region the global leader in new energy technology and production. The Governors will be examining ways that venture capitalists, angel investors and traditional financial institutions can partner with regional business and government to further economic development for the region.

During his tenure, Governor Strickland has focused on increasing investment capital opportunities for the Midwest’s small and mid-sized businesses. He contends that the Midwest has the resources needed to lead the nation in the new energy economy, including a strong manufacturing and agri-business base. These resources will serve as the chief selling points for attracting new business.

The two-day meeting has two components. Day one will highlight governors’ vision for the region’s investment climate and introduce issues from Midwestern business leaders and other stakeholders. Day two in an invitation only event, with sessions that focus on developing a Midwestern investment strategy platform.

“As governor, I see firsthand how important investment capital is in attracting new businesses to Ohio. If we want to continue the Midwest’s progress in becoming a global leader in the new energy economy, we must find ways to increase investment opportunities in our region,” said Strickland. “I look forward to welcoming my fellow governors and other summit participants to Columbus for a productive discussion on how we can strengthen the Midwest as an innovator in energy development.”

More information, including registration for the first day of the summit is available here.

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