Google makes 20-year energy agreement with NextEra Energy, Iowa Power Fund

Google has made a 20-year energy services agreement with NextEra Energy Resources an Iowa based wind farm that is part of the Iowa Power Fund. The agreement will provide energy to power Google’s data centers. Iowa Governor Chet Culver launched the Iowa Power Fund to promote Iowa’s renewable energy resources and agreements like this. Governor Culver aims to make Iowa the national leader in wind energy production and create jobs through the fund.

Currently, 2,300 people are employed in wind energy positions throughout the state. Iowa leads the nation in wind generation as a percent of total power, spread over 200 supplying companies and representing more than $50 million in revenue.

Google is working to reduce it’s carbon footprint over the long-term and this purchase is one of the actions they are taking toward this goal. Bill Weihl, Google’s Green Energy Czar notes that they are also hoping to support NextEra and wind in Iowa, “by giving renewable energy developers long-term financial security with deals like this one – in Iowa and across the country – we believe we can foster true growth in the renewable energy sector.”

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