NIC revamps adds citizen engagement, geolocation

NIC has redesigned the Tennessee state website The new design aims to make it easier and faster to find government information and services. The website also includes several interactive features which will tailor content depending on interest, click behavior, and geographic location.

NIC utilized past website data to determine the most popular site features and topics and place them more prominently. The site search function has also been overhauled to include search suggestions and possible matches. When a user clicks on a topic, they’ll be given suggestions about additional and potentially relevant information.

The website will utilize GeoIP technology to identify user locations and provide them with location specific government information, local news and points of interest. Prominently displayed links to social media, RSS, and other rich media and a new mobile-optimized site aim to make it easier for visitors to connect with state government using the latest technologies.

Citizen engagement features have also been included. A section of the homepage is devoted to public participation and government transparency. Visitors will be given information on upcoming government meetings which they can also download to their calendars. supports an average of 1.6 million unique users per month and offers hundreds of government services online. Earlier this year, processed the state’s one millionth online driver license renewal. The redesign was completed with no taxpayer or appropriated funds through a unique self-funded, public-private partnership with Nashville-based NIC Tennessee Inc.