CSC launches social network platform with SelectMinds

CSC announced the launch of InTouch, a new social networking platform which will allow the company to leverage its alumni network for business development purposes. InTouch is built on the SelectMinds networking and referral platform.

InTouch bills itself as a secure online community which allows users to build their social networks through trusted social connections. Users will have access to a variety of CSC resources, be able to share best practices as well as news and events.

Alumni can also search and apply for new career opportunities or source top talent by using the site’s career center. InTouch is currently open to US alumni only. CSC plans to begin expanding the program to alumni and employees worldwide in the future. SelectMinds’ is part of CSC’s portfolio of collaboration software and business networking platform.

“Our alumni are a vibrant, highly networked community of innovators, technologists and thought leaders and we value their insight and connections,” says Peter Allen, president of global sales and marketing, CSC.

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