ILC Dover gets DoD contract, adds jobs

ILC Dover has been awarded a new contract from the Department of Defense and will be opening a new manufacturing facility in Dover to support its contract obligation. The new facility is expected to create 70 new jobs by the end of this year.

The state worked with local government agencies to fast-track the permitting process for the new facility in order to keep the DoD from pursuing other ways to fill the need. ILC will work with Lockheed Martin to field a Lighter-than-Air aerostat based radar system that provides real-time feedback to the warfighters on the ground with the goal of reducing IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) events.

The new facility will allow ILC to increase production of the radar system to meet the demand growth outlined in the contract. ILC’s Lighter-than-Air division designs, develops and manufactures aerostats, airships, and advanced development products, and is also responsible for the refurbishment of envelopes, delivery of spares items, and support of field activities.

ILC currently employs approximately 425 people in the State of Delaware and provides spacesuits for NASA, Personal Protection Equipment for military, homeland security and industrial users, and containment systems used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

“New jobs- and a new facility – this is the kind of progress that we are working hard every day to achieve in our state,” said Governor Jack Markell. “We will continue to focus on improving the conditions that help businesses like ILC grow because the economic benefits produce a positive ripple effect for Delaware, for the region and beyond. Businesses like ILC can count on us to be more efficient, more responsive and more focused on jobs than any other state.”