Microsoft brings new data center to Iowa

Microsoft is starting construction of a modular data center in West Des Moines. The $100 million facility will be open by the spring of 2011. The center will be constructed using new sustainability measures designed to significantly reduce water, power and carbon waste typically associated with datacenters.

Microsoft will also be using new technology consolidation and efficiency measures designed to maintain high levels of computing capacity and productivity while keeping energy drain low.

Iowa bid against other areas for the data center and according to Microsoft presented the most competitive package. The state hopes that the center will bring higher paying skilled jobs to West Des Moines. The Iowa Economic Development Board approved an award to Microsoft that will prove tax benefits from the High Quality Jobs program for the creation of 25 jobs. Those jobs are expected to have an average wage of $30 an hour.

“This project means more good-paying jobs of the future for Iowans. We’re continuing efforts to recruit the top companies in the world to Iowa, and Microsoft fits the bill,” Governor Culver said. “Good jobs like these are magnets for other companies and for families who are looking for a great environment.”