Mass. data center consolidation goes forward with groundbreaking in Springfield

Massachusetts broke ground on construction of a new state-of-the-art data center in Springfield. The data center will house the state’s electronic records, data systems, and provide a back up for the commonwealth’s current primary data center. The construction itself is expected to cost the state $110 million, but the state hopes that the result will be a “national model” for green technology. The data center is part of the Governor’s agenda to manage statewide technology more effectively and consolidate the 183 dispersed data centers into two more efficiently managed facilities.

Construction of the 148,000 square foot building will incorporate measures designed to drastically minimize energy consumption. Builders will use the latest technology in energy efficiency, data center infrastructure, consolidated computer technology and sustainable building design. The building will use fresh air cooling, EnergyStar servers and a high tech energy management system to maintain low usage. Other innovative initiatives include capture and re-use of rainwater and the use of natural sunlight in work areas.

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Information Technology Division have also been working with Western Mass Electric Co. to maximize potential rebates available through the utility to lower front end costs, while enhancing energy efficiency.

The center will also be hiring for state positions once it’s complete and the state hopes that the influx of jobs will lead to greater economic activity in Springfield. Over 200 construction related positions will also be filled during the building’s two year build-out. It’s expected that approximately 70 technology positions will be created at the center in the beginning.

“The Springfield Data Center is a project with a multitude of benefits,” said Governor Patrick. “In addition to securing critical data used by thousands of state workers, this facility will be a national model for environmentally-friendly data storage and an economic boost for the City of Springfield. I thank Congressman Neal, Mayor Sarno, the legislative delegation and the community for their support and dedication to making this project a reality.”

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